Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why we created Babywearing South Chicago

Late Fall 2011 is when Melissa and I met on an online babywearing forum.  We found out that we lived within miles of each other and started meeting up at various places like the mall, parks and other community events.  We found a number of other groups north of us past the city but that is entirely too far for us to drive with little kids.  It would end of being an all day adventure especially stopping to feed babies

We officially formed Babywearing South Chicago in January 2012 and just a year later we have over 85 members.  We have recently secured a huge space at a local library for monthly meetings and as the weather gets warmer we will be holding other meetings around our areas at different parks.  

Melissa and I have put lots of blood sweat and tears into this group and lots of time in to emailing lots of places for donations.  

We hold very informal meetings that give all our members a chance to try out all kinds of different carriers and wraps, while all the children socialize.  It is so fun having so many families attend the meetings.  
Kiley and Ryker at one of our Community Meetups over the Summer of 2012

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